City of Galena

Galena, Illinois

It doesn’t take long to figure out why Galena is the second most visited city in Illinois. That madcap Chicago takes the No. 1 spot but Galena is a lost-in-time hamlet that lures visitors with its 101 mom-n-pop shops on Main Street, hillside homes and buildings, 75 percent of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the romance of vineyards, an unending roster of unique events and 30 bed & breakfasts and cottages. Just when you fall in love with the quaint environment and the Galena River that runs through downtown, BAM!, you realize you are standing in front of Ulysses S. Grants home, a scooter tour whizzes by, a trolley is seen in the distance carrying people throughout the historic neighborhoods that were once home to nine Civil War Generals.  Whether it’s the sock shop, Great American Popcorn Company, Ms. Kittys Grape Escape or Tin Pan Alleys antiques that grab your attention, the Blaum Bros. Distillery tours and tastings, P.T. Murphy Magic shows or artists creating their work in full view that turns your head or the 35 distinctive restaurants that cover all tastes that make your mouth water, Galena distinguishes itself visually and through its stimulating experiences.It is an enchanting place that makes lifetime memories. It’s a social media playground and photographers dream. It is, quite simply, a bucket list destination.

This bio was graciously by which serves as the tourism marketing and management organization for Galena, Ill. This not-for-profit organization provides numerous travel resources to visitors via and a Welcome Center located in The Old Market House, 123 N. Commerce St., Galena IL 61036